word words words

„What do you read, my lord?“ – „Words, words, words“ – „What is the matter, my lord?“ – „Between who?“ – „I mean, the matter that you read, my lord?“ – „Slanders, sir…“ (Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2)

This posterous is all about words and language, meanings and curiosities whether in English, German or any other language. Everyone is invited to join the wonderous world of words, trying to understand the meanings and silly blabbers of this world.

It is not always clear, why some words sound so wrong the more often you use them. When you say some words over and over again and listen to the sound of it, they just sound weird and unusual. This posterous might help to clear things up, give weird and uncommon words new meanings and may even let you appreciate your language (or any language) more.

Let me start with this „Discussion of Language“ (A Bit of Fry and Laurie). Stephen Fry is, in my humble opinion, one of the most accomplished speakers and users of language. Enjoy!

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